statements ‘if’, ‘for’, ‘while’, and ‘repeat-until’

if, for, while and repeat-until

The syntax of the ‘if’ and ‘while’ statements are shown in this example:

if n%2 == 0 {
s = "even"
else { // the else part is optional
s = "odd"
var i = 0;
while i < 5 {
Out println: i;

Note that ( ) as not necessary for the ‘if’ and ‘while’ expressions but the { } are mandatory.

Be aware that indentation must be respected when using these statements. See the Cyan manual for rules regarding the if statement. In particular, the } that closes a while statement should be either in the same line as keyword while or in the same column as it. There should be no semicolon after any } symbol.

There is a repeat-until statement that executes its statements until the until expression evaluates to true

sum = sum + n;
until n >= 4;

For statement for can be used to iterate over any object that implements method iterator -> Iterator<T>. Arrays and intervals implement it:

for elem in [ 2, 3, 5, 7 ] {
"$elem is prime" println
var s = 0;
for n in 1..100 {
s = s + n
assert s == 5050;