multiline strings

Multi-line strings

A multi-line literal string starts and ends with triple quotes:

var String s;
s = """
is the
day to be happy

A special multi-line literal string starts with |”””, with the | character before the quotes. Both | and all characters before it in the current line are eliminated. Every | should be in a different line, although there may be empty lines between two lines. All | characters should be in the same column. All white spaces before the closing “”” are removed. The result is a multi-line string in which | delimited the start of each line.

var String s;
s = |"""
|is the
|day to be happy

A literal string can also be represented by “symbols”. A symbol starts with # followed, without spaces, by letters, dot, digits, underscore, and any number of :´s, as:

#f #age #age:

A single-quote literal string may start with n” or N” to disable any escape character inside the string:

var fileName = n"D:\User\Carol\My Texts\text01"; assert n"D:\User\Carol\My Texts\text01" == "D:\\User\\Carol\\My Texts\\text01";

Of course, variable interpolation with $ works with multi-line literal strings.