First of all, the Cyan compiler works in Windows. The jar file should work in Linux too.

The available downloads are: The Cyan compilerthe libraries, the Cyan tests, the source code of the compiler, the Cyan compiler as a Jar file, and some external libraries needed to compile the Cyan compiler.

Rename the file ‘saci-change-to-exe.txt’ to “saci.exe”.

Suppose you downloaded and uncompressed the files above to directory C:\Dropbox resulting in the following hierarchy.

To compile the project of the directory ‘master’ type the following in the DOS command prompt:

C:\> cd Dropbox
C:\Dropbox> saci "C:\Dropbox\cyanTests\simple" -cyanlang "C:\Dropbox\lib" -javalib "C:\Dropbox\lib\javalib"

Make sure that programs ‘javac.exe’ and ‘java.exe’ of the JDK are in the PATH environment variable. Type

C:\> javac
C:\> java

If javac.exe or java.exe was not found, you will need to correct the path. Usually these files are in a directory like

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_72\bin\

To add this directory to a single DOS section, type

C:\Dropbox\> PATH %path%;"C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_72\bin\"

Of course, check whether  JDK installed in your computer and change the directory above accordingly. Be aware that this change is only valid for this DOS section. After you delete the DOS window the change disappears. To change ‘Path’ permanently, go to Control Panel/System properties/edit environment variables.

The Cyan compiler produces Java code that is then compiled and run. The Java code produced is put in a directory C:\Dropbox\cyanTests\java-for-master for a project that is in directory  C:\Dropbox\cyanTests\master.

The compiler has two options:

  • -nojavac  to compile to Java only. The Java compiler is not called;
  • -noexec to compile the Cyan code to Java but without running it.

Read this instructions to compile the Cyan compiler.

There is a feature of the Cyan language called “Codeg” (code + egg). It needs a plugin to the IDE to work. See the instructions of how to install and use it here.

The license of the compiler source code is GNU Public License version 3. There is not much documentation on the compiler because it is constantly been changed.

The compiler construction received funding from FAPESP, a research financial agency of the State of São Paulo, Brazil. The process number is 2014/01817-3.